Privacy Policy

MyQuest guarantees Platform Users respect for their privacy, as well as the protection and security of their personal data.

The visit to this Platform does not, by itself, automatically register any personal data that identifies the User. However, registration and access by means of login to the Platform implies the processing of personal data by MyQuest, so the User must carefully read this Privacy Policy and decide, freely and voluntarily, if he wishes to provide his personal data to MyQuest. This Privacy Policy regulates the processing of personal data provided by Users, as well as the exercise of the rights belonging to the owners of personal data, under the terms of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 (General Regulation on Data Protection, hereinafter GDPR) and other applicable legislation on data protection. Data Management and Responsibility.

This Privacy Policy applies to all personal data contained in the Platform managed by MyQuest. The processing of personal data by MyQuest is governed by the following principles in accordance with the GDPR: a) legality, fairness and transparency in the processing of data;b) limitation of purpose;c) minimization of data;d) accuracy;e) conservation limitation;f) integrity and confidentiality;g) responsibility. MyQuest is the entity responsible for the processing of users' personal data, being able, in some exceptional cases and respecting the information duty, to act as a subcontractor of entities and / or health units MyQuest acts as subcontractor regarding the use of the Platform. Purposes of treatment. The data processed in the scope of the use of the Platform are collected at the time of registration of the Platform by the User and each time the User accesses the Platform through their login. MyQuest will treat the data of the User and / or data subject, either manually or automated, for the following specific purposes:

  • Registration on the MyQuest Platform;
  • Improve access to the User's information regarding the reported disease;
  • To improve the services provided in the health area, in particular, of the reported disease;
  • Ensure continuity of care and treatment guides for the reported disease (s) and monitoring of services provided by health care providers;
  • Extend scientific knowledge in the area of ​​results reported by the User, comparing and designing common patterns of responses, using for this purpose and whenever appropriate to the accomplishment of the same the anonymized data.

The data of the holders will not be treated for any other purpose that does not observe the purposes thus described. Within the scope of this Platform, MyQuest handles data relating to User identification and health data.MyQuest recognizes the special character of health data and applies them to the safety, technical and organizational measures appropriate to its protection.

The processing of the personal data contained in the Platform is based on the prior consent of the data subject, and this consent can be withdrawn at any time through the email address myquestsite@gmail.com.

Rights of data subjects

As the owners of personal data, the User may, at any time and for free, exercise their rights of access, rectification or erasure, limitation, portability and opposition of their data, through the email addressmyquestsite@gmail.com. If you exercise any of these rights, MyQuest will analyze it and respond within a maximum of one month.The time limit may be extended by up to two months, subject to Article 12 (3) of the GDPR where necessary, taking into account the complexity of the application and the number of applications, in which case the data subject to be informed of theextension and the reasons for the delay within one month from the date of receipt of the request.If the request submitted by the data subject is not followed up, the data subject must be informed, without delay and within one month of the date of receipt of the request, of the reasons for the delay and the possibility of submitting complaint to a supervisory authority and bring a legal action. If the data subject submits the request by electronic means, and unless otherwise requested by the data subject, the information must be provided in an electronic format in common use. However, you are hereby informed that if you believe that MyQuest has violated or may have violated your data protection rights, you may submit a complaint to the National Data Protection Commission. The User may also contact the Data Protection Officer ("Data Protection Officer" or "DPO") of MyQuest on all matters related to the processing of their personal data and the exercise of their rights, through the email addressmyquestsite@gmail.com. With regard to the right to erase the data and in view of the identified purpose of clinical research, under Article 89 of the GDPR, the GDPR may be restricted, in accordance with Article 17 (3) (d) of the GDPR, only to the extent that such erasure of the data is likely to make it impossible or seriously detrimental to the attainment of the objectives of that treatment.

Shelf life

MyQuest will keep personal data only for the period necessary for the purposes identified, namely, as long as the user's login remains active and the purposes for which it was collected remain;and may only be retained for longer periods, provided that they are processed solely for the purpose of scientific research or for statistical purposes, subject to the application of appropriate technical and organizational measures, in order to safeguard the rights and freedoms of the data subject.Such measures may include pseudonymisation, provided that the aims are achieved in that way.Where those purposes may be affected by new processing which does not allow, or no longer permits, the identification of data subjects, the said ends are thereby achieved.

Communication of data

MyQuest may communicate your personal data with respect to the rules established in the GDPR provided that: has obtained, unequivocally, the consent of the User for this purpose; the transmission is made in the context of the fulfillment of a legal obligation, a determination by the National Data Protection Commission or a court order;or the communication is intended to protect the vital interests of Users or any other legitimate purpose provided by law. When MyQuest communicates the data to third parties, the User will be informed and the identity of the recipients and the purpose of the treatment for which the data have been transferred will be transmitted to him.


Users' personal data may be processed using appropriate service providers, carefully selected by MyQuest in accordance with the GDPR, to adopt sufficient guarantees for the implementation of appropriate technical and organizational measures for the processing of data that meets the requirements of GDPR and ensure the protection of the rights of data subjects.Service providers will only treat personal data for the purposes defined by MyQuest and in compliance with the instructions issued by MyQuest, ensuring and observing the standards set forth in the GDPR and other applicable data protection laws. The MyQuest platform is hosted by DigitalOcean services, meeting its security standards and compliance. The identification of entities subcontracted by MyQuest is made in the access to the Platform.

Automated Decisions

MyQuest does not make automated decisions based on the automated processing of users' personal data, including profiling.

Security measures

In its commitment to protect the personal data security of Users, MyQuest takes the most appropriate measures to protect the personal data contained in the Platform against its dissemination, loss, destruction, misuse, alteration, treatment or unauthorized access and / or illicit:

  • Access restricted to your personal data based on the criterion of "need to know" and only within the scope of the purposes communicated;
  • Use of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate to ensure security and privacy in the transfer of data between the server and the user;
  • Authentication mechanisms for entry into the system and for carrying out specific acts of loading health information;
  • To ensure security in the identification, a validation email and / or code sent directly to the user's personal contact is used;
  • Protection of information technology systems through the use of secure servers, such as the DigitalOcean server, which ensurescompliance with the standards of data protection, firewalls and encryption in communication and data access;
  • Adoption of the practices included in the ISO 27001 standard that is the standard and international reference for the management of Information Security and the structure par excellence in information protection;
  • Adoption of encryption practices and pseudonymization of data, with special security measures regarding health data;
  • Access to health data only by a health professional due to the duty of confidentiality;
  • Logical and physical separation of health data from other personal data and different access profiles due to the nature of the data;
  • Duty of confidentiality of all MyQuest professionals or for them to provide services and maintenance of the obligation of confidentiality even after the termination of the activity to MyQuest or to provide services and maintenance of the obligation of confidentiality even after the termination of the service of activity for MyQuest;
  • Adoption of a code of conduct / internal regulation or rules binding on the company with regard to the protection of personal data;
  • Anonymisation (whenever its adoption does not obviate the pursuit of a lawful, legitimate and delimited purpose).

However, it is the Users' responsibility to ensure that the computer equipment through which they access the Platform is adequately protected against harmful software and computer viruses or other forms of improper access by third parties.

Cookies (connection testimonials)

Like most websites, so that may function correctly, MyQuest installs, on a temporary basis, on your computer or mobile device small files called cookies or connection logs.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that a website installs on your computer or mobile device when you visit it.These files allow the website to "remember" your actions and preferences, such as the username, the language chosen, the size of the characters and other display settings for a certain period of time.That is why when you go through the pages of a site, or return to a site you have visited, you do not have to re-indicate your preferences in principle.

How do we use cookies?

MyQuest uses the Cookies strictly necessary in the Sites to improve the navigation in them and the efficient loading of the contents, which allows, in particular, to identify the location of contents. MyQuest also uses personalization cookies to create a repository of statistical and anonymous data about users' activity and browsing routines, with a view to analyzing and introducing site improvements to improve user access and experience.These cookies are installed by third parties.We use Google Analytics to measure traffic on our site.Google has its own Privacy Policy.If you do not want your site visits to be detected by Google Analytics, visit http://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout. It should also be noted that cookies will store the information collected by the periods of time that you can consult in your browser settings. Cookies are stored locally in the browser as long as the User keeps the session active.Its storage ensures the smooth operation of the platform and the optimization of navigation flows, such as the authentication token storage, user profile identification, language preference, navigation control object of the site.

How to control cookies?

MyQuest will not collect any personal data from users without your prior consent. You can, the user of the data, control and / or delete the cookies you want. You can delete all cookies already installed on your computer or mobile device or activate an option available in most of the navigation programs that prevent it from being installed. In order to eliminate cookies and to activate the navigation option that prevents them from being installed, you may have to manually configure some preferences whenever you visit a site, and you must not disregard the risk of deactivating certain services and features and of difficulties in using them of the Platform. You may accept or deny that these Sites install cookies on your computer or mobile device by clicking one of the following links: I accept the installation of cookies / I refuse the installation of cookies. Should you wish to obtain any clarification about this Policy and modify or simply revoke the consent previously provided regarding the use of cookies in these Sites, you should contact us by email.

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